What is Shortest Path Bridging?

Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) is an 802.1aq IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) standard whose important focus was to highlight and address the challenges of Spanning-tree. But SPB can do much more than STPs emerge: SPB also provides MPLS-like VPN (Virtual Private Network) services but is very significantly simpler to deploy and maintain also. […]

IT Consulting
Multi-factor Authentication

Additional Defense Against Security Breaches: Remote Desktop Multi-factor Authentication.

Multi-factor authentication is one of the most sought-after security protocols after two-factor authentication. With the on-and-off relationship with the pandemic, many organizations have been providing work from home to their employees. This gives them the opportunity to work remotely or from wherever they feel comfortable, thus MFA is important and can be availed from trusted […]

Cyber Security
cyber resilience

Cyber Resilience – Deliberate Outcomes Delivered Despite Cyberattacks

The business has been exposed to technology as per the demands which make the organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. Data-based insights are being driven by the digital transformation of modern organizations. This improves productivity, user experience, efficiency and much more. Rather than being a cyberattack company, it’s better to be a cyber resilience company. As technology […]

Managed IT Technology

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Vs Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Which is better for your organization?

During the pandemic when the world was fighting the deadly virus, organizations were struggling with a sudden change in working conditions. The companies were in the initial stages of bringing the work online and remote and nobody was prepared for it. The sudden change in the working conditions in the organization would only be fulfilled […]