IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

Get well-Organized and Secure Buildings

The IoT Platform offers the first persistence constructed IoT platform designed to meet the distinctive needs of today’s connected world. You can deliver powerful, new smart building IoT solutions in a segment of the time of other approaches.


Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment | Penetration Testing
Security Audit

Zindagi Tech provides an end-to-end, combined and inclusive approach to assess your information security architecture and provide suitable recommendations through our consulting services.


Data Center services

Design | Implementation | Support

The team at Zindagi Technologies has the technical prowess, the industrial acumen and proven execution skills to help you strategize your data centre operations for the highest levels of efficiency, agility and Return on Investment.



Services Offered

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Data Centre Services

Private clouds have evolved - Data Centre solutions need to be thought through not as "Infrastructure first", but rather "Application / User first". Businesses today face the need to transform their data centres so that the infrastructure is aligned to the goals of the business.The team at Zindagi Technologies has the technical prowess, the industrial acumen and proven execution skills to help you strategize your data centre operations for the highest levels of efficiency, agility and Return on Investment.The team has years of combined experience in designing and deploying Data Centres and DR locations. We're partners with the leadng OEMs in the industry and ensure that our designs closely align to industry best practices.

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Network design and Implementation

We offer quality business solutions to our clients’ network design and implementation service. We will work with you to understand your business needs and design a network organization that will fit into your future business plans, allow room for growth and Suppleness, while adding to your efficiency and cost -effectiveness. We can help you understand the bottom line with your business, as we have the ability to put technical issues into business terms. Our dedicated, proficient and practiced engineers have designed and delivered efficient networks to both small and large organisations across a wide number of divisions.Irrespective of your network size, Zindagi Technologies strive to provide solutions that meet our clients ’goals– on time, within budget and with minimum commotion.

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Network Automation

Is your IT team expenses hours, days, even weeks on monotonous activities which could be hypothetically automated? IT Network Automation can hypothetically save your IT department and organization tens of thousands of dollars in operational expense, and increase the excellence of IT service. IT Network Automation works on the basis of circumstances, which when met, prompt assured arrangements. Network automation progresses the superiority and steadiness of service with inexpensive investments associated to non-optimized network. Network automation means ominously less repair costs, less disruption to power lines due to maintenance work and more consistent electricity supply.​Zindagi Technologies has facilitated companies install network automation to bar tens of thousands of man-hours and expand their IT environments

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Security Services

Zindagi Technologies provides an end-to-end, combined and inclusive approach to assess your information security architecture and provide suitable recommendations through our consulting services. Our experts assess your current security architecture, evaluate your organizations security requirements and streamline the regulatory compliance guidelines.Our team can help you create a streamlined and cost-effective security architecture that ensures data privacy, integrity and regulatory compliance. With our evolving and market paced approach, we assure you of protecting your intellectual property or your client’s data in this dynamic risk environment.

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Software Development

Zindagi Technologies has wide proficiency, involvement and resources to develop Software applications that best outfit our clients needs, economics, schedule and existing organization. We endeavor to focus on the customer and deliver solutions designed around their requirements rather than focusing on a precise technology and expecting the customer to familiarize to the technology and platform of our choice. Our dedicated software development team has a sole combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience. Through our software development services we can streamline your regular operations into a faster and more cost effective process.We develop unique customized software applications to resolve your business needs. We start by listening and discussing your business challenges. We can then start to enterprise a software program for your commercial.

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IoT-Smart Buildings

Zindagi Technologies empowers swift design and deployment of new IoT applications that link, achieve, and enhance composite data sets, allowing for associated intelligence leading to enhanced management of building operations, security and energy.Get well-Organized and Secure Buildings with IoT Technologies
Smart building solutions based on IoT technologies that demonstrates property system in real-time conditions, enabling site management, control of costs and energy use, and the ability to upsurge employee security and welfare

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Managed Services

In the typical IT environment, 80% of resources are dedicated to simply “keeping the lights on” leaving just 20 percent for innovation. At the same time, skills gaps, shrinking IT budgets and increasing business demands are putting even greater pressure on in-house IT teams.
Zindagi Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of managed services that enablesyou to offload many operational tasks to our experienced team. Our rigorous processes have been proven in web-scale data centre environments, yet can be customized to meet a wide range of business needs and budgets. We help increase the performance and resilience of your IT environment while allowing your staff to focus on initiatives that drive the business forward.

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Public Cloud

Zindagi Technologies influences public cloud computing environment such as Amazon Web Services and Azure Cloud Services to provide state-of-the-sculpture organization and security for computing constancy and data storage and achieve improved proficiency at dropped expenses.

Azure Cloud 
Our service offerings for Windows Azure will guide the enterprises to adopt, embrace and optimize its cloud footprint in current fast evolving cloud space.

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    Data Centre Services

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    Network design and Implementation

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    Network Automation

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    Security Services

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    Software Development

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    IoT-Smart Buildings

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    Managed Services

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    Public Cloud

About Us

Zindagi Technologies is a global pioneer in the field of Evolving Technologies, Consultancy, Private Clouds, Public Cloud Migration, Managed Services and Infrastructure Management Services. Headquartered in New Delhi,India. Zindagi Technologies has presence in multiple countries through its own offices or with continuously evolving partners. Zindagi Technologies delivers IT products and solutions for complex business needs such as Internet of Things, Private Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Large Scale ERP implementation and Automotive Telematics. Zindagi Technologies has strategic partnerships with companies across the globe which adds to our capabilities to provide solutions in other parts of the world. Our offerings include custom solutions that are tailor made to suit your business needs, whether in setting up new IT Infrastructure or decommissioning equipment, from managed deployment solutions to outsourced support solutions. Zindagi Technologies has solutions that would work perfectly for your organisation.

Alliance Partners

Zindagi Technologies is proud to be associated as a reseller and delivery partner of leading OEM’s including CISCO ,VMware, AWS, DELL EMC, NEXENTA.

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More than 14 years of computer networking experience - including large-scale network design, strategic planning, technical innovation, management, pre-sales and technical business development. Has held a wide breadth of technical engineering positions at Cisco Systems in a variety of roles - from troubleshooting, design, architecture and presales. Certifications: CCIE 19590 (Collaboration, Data Centre), VCP5-DCV, RHCE, CWSP.


"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

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