Deploy Workloads Wherever You Want

You’re not alone if your current data center is stifling innovation. In fact, infrastructure modernization for performance, security, dependability, and automation is the most common reason why businesses approached Deft in the first place, and why they continue to do so today.

We strive to build intelligent hybrid systems and move current workloads with minimal downtime so that our clients may access their legacy and cloud-native apps from any location. Our purpose is to collaborate with our customers.

Our Datacenter Services

We offer you pocket-friendly solutions for each of your projects
Datacenter and IT architecture
Specifications consulting
Installation and configuration for
Hardware and software solutions
Infrastructure migration
Don't lose information
Virtualization of servers and services
Work from wherever you desire
Consolidation of servers and services
Optimize your infrastructure
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Ensure business continuity

Our Technologies


NAS and SAN storage. Storage Switches


Disk, tape, and cloud backup solutions


Servers and systems onx86 and SPARC technologies

Operating Systems

Linux, Solaris, and Windows operating systems.


Layer 2 switches, Layer 3 routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN SDN

High Availability

Clusters and Systems with local and remote high availability


Virtualization software for private and public clouds


Software and local perimeter security devices and applications


Build your own concurrently maintainable Data Centres using India’s premier resource.

When you’re seeking a Data Centre partner, why Zindagi can be your one-stop solution.

We’re confident in calling ourselves specialists in planning, creating, and administering constantly maintained Data Centres, as well as educating your support personnel, after developing a number of them. Government and commercial sector organizations in India and other areas of the world are among our references.

We consider ourselves experts in the fields of design, construction, and operation. 

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    How Do We Plan In Phases?

    Zindagi Technologies integrates unique knowledge and cutting-edge technology to design and build data centres that promote global business performance.

    Data Centre Solutions Guarantee From Zindagi

    RCDD Registered Designers

    (BICSI's Registered Communications Distribution Designer) guarantee that designs adhere to industry standards and are informed by best practises.

    Multi-vendor Accreditations

    That is to say, every data centre solution is based on the most cutting-edge technology for your application.


    Not only do we need to meet today's capacity and reliability requirements, but we also need to anticipate future requirements.

    Datacenter Design & Build | Resources

    Case Study

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    Case Study

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    Zindagi’s single-vendor support solution delivers the highest levels of data center support and innovation.


    Years of expertise providing support services for large financial organizations with several data centers have led to our solution. It can be delivered as a fully managed service that connects smoothly with the client’s larger IT operations or as stand-alone components that supplement current resources.

    Support 24x7x365


    Regardless of the service configuration, our dedication to training and personnel development guarantees that every Zindagi engineer on your team is completely conversant with all aspects of your infrastructure and the technologies you use.

    Unit of Datacenter Equipment Supported


    Through excellent support and engineering, proprietary toolkits, and monitoring technology, Zindagi data center assistance gives great operational and financial advantages to your business.

    Datacenters Supported

    Zindagi manages and supports data centers as part of an end-to-end package of data center solutions.

    Data Platforms of the Future

    It's vital to keep your company running smoothly by keeping massive volumes of information in a secure, efficient, and accessible manner. We're here to assist you in developing a modern platform strategy that is centred on your long-term business goals and tailored to your unique data environment, both now and in the future.

    Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Cloud Solutions

    For forward-thinking firms, cloud investment is vital for long-term growth. However, a successful cloud strategy must be driven by your company objectives and critical workloads. Our technical experts will guide you through the hybrid and multicloud platform planning, development, and administration processes. As a result, you'll have a system that's adaptable, secure, and flexible, as well as one that's customised to your needs.

    Hyperconverged & Converged Infrastructure

    Silos in your IT infrastructure are not only inefficient, but they also slow down business change. The foundation for your organization's agility is laid by our hyper-converged and converged infrastructure solutions and services. We'll help you sort through the many possibilities and figure out the best way to achieve your goals.

    Converged Infrastructure

    By utilising pre-configured hardware and validated designs and architectures, converged infrastructure decreases your footprint and costs.

    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    Your resiliency, scalability, and availability will all improve with software-defined hyper-converged infrastructure. Your management interface is likewise centralized.

    Our Approach

    We will meet you at your location and transfer you to your desired location. We do so by bringing together our years of experience, IT skills, and willingness to assist others.

    An All-Inclusive Approach

    Your organization's storage, networking, and computing all work together to keep things going smoothly. We examine each individual as well as the group as a whole.

    Innovative Approaches

    Rather than dismantling and replacing your current infrastructure, we use your old systems were practical and modernize tactically.

    Impact on the Entire Organization

    The need for expansion isn't the only factor to consider. Every decision we make considers the potential impact on finances, operations, processes, and people.

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