Cisco IX5200 Installation in Honourable New Delhi High Court

Zindagi Technologies experts have deployed the Cisco IX5200 / IX5000 series Telepresence unit in the honourable Delhi High Court. This high fidelity, rich media teleconferencing system provides immersive telepresence experience to it’s participants.

Cisco IX5200, along with CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager), Cisco Meeting Server (for call recording) and Cisco Expressway for external conferencee joins was also deployed.

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Cisco IX5000 Installation

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Madan B. Lokur on Thursday inaugurated a telepresence facility in the Delhi High Court. Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and other judges of the high court also attended the ceremony.

“The Cisco IX 5000 Telepresence System is a state-of-the-art single-codec triple-screen system combining high-fidelity audio and video collaboration functionality with a seating capacity of 18 people. Its 4K ultra-high definition cameras and theatre-quality audio give impression to participants of sitting across the table,” a press statement said.

The telepresence room is also fitted with the camera for sharing any document with the participants. The system can easily integrate with the traditional video-conferencing system, IP phones and smart devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, using the hardware and software capabilities.

Using the present telepresence system, video conference meetings can be planned anywhere — inside court rooms and in chambers of judges in remote locations. The system allows such web meetings to be pre-scheduled at any time. It also allows for real time interactions via multiple modes.

A telepresence system can be largely beneficial for high importance appeals and other relevant cases, wherein judicial expertise may be required from varied sources. It may also facilitate remote trials in specialised cases, although such scope of action remains to be disclosed.


Delhi High Court Telepresence