What Are the BGP Neighborship States And Attributes?

BGP Neighborship States And Attributes? Idle – neighbor shutdown/waiting for start 3-way handshake. Connect – try to connect TCP connection but won’t be confirmed. Active – TCP connection not completed, retrying to form tcp connection. Open-sent – TCP connection completed and sent the open message. Open-confirm – exchange open message, parameter agreed, send keep-alive after […]

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Briefly, Explaining and Defining the working of GSLB – Global Server Load Balancer.

What is GSLB? Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) enables balancing server traffic load across multiple physical sites. It Refers to web traffic management and application delivery over multiple data centers whether it is public or private clouds in multiple geographical areas. A load of hosted applications on the servers at each location is managed by […]

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How To Deploy Connection Server In VMware Horizon

VMWare Horizon is a centralized desktop virtualization solution that enables organizations to deliver virtualized desktop services and applications to employees a managed service. In VMWare Horizon Connection Server plays a very important role, and they come in two variations – The Standard connection sever and the replica connection server. Connection Server handles multiple roles in […]

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What are the Advantages, Disadvantages, and Architectural Components of SDN?

What is SDN? SDN is Software Defined Networking, which is an approach of network management, managing our devices centrally. This will give us easy monitoring and easy troubleshooting of distributed network devices. By removing the control plane of network devices, SDN will attempt to centralize the network intelligence in our network component. Having one or […]