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Back in 2019, when the world was free from words like “work from home” and “social distancing”, it was a time when all the offices were working from home and people would rarely be taking work from home not giving heed to devOps.

In the current year 2022, it looks like it happened just a few days ago when a nationwide lockdown was imposed, and people were forced on to immediate work from home. In that position, it was very difficult for the organizations to implement security practices almost immediately. But now as time has passed and most organizations are still in the WFH position, making the CI-CD investment very important.

The DevOps implementation is more important now as the business benefits are changing and the societal norms like stay at home, social distancing, and work from home are happening right now. Since this is happening, the business benefits of DevOps implementation should be given more effort.

Covid has snatched deciding capabilities of the business leaders on the decision of the digital plans of their business. The is no time to wait for the right time to push the digital applications out in the market.

Here are some of the benefits of DevOps that you can introduce as a DevOps services provider company in Delhi.

DevOps Is The Answer To All Current Business Problems

Some of the questions that are favorite of every CEO:

  • How can we keep the current customer base with the right technology investment?
  • How can we increase sales on the required social media channels?
  • How did our competition be able to increase its market share since last year?

The answers were based on e-comm but what if you are a services provider; then how are you going to answer all of these?

  • The current customer base can be kept in digital format and the services can be provided as site support. The resource will visit the site and will work according to the client.
  • The continuous sales will be increased by making sure that the site is up and ready and all the queries submitted on it should be responded to on time and there should not be any downtime. Being a provider of DevOps services & solutions in Delhi, the queries should be responded to on time. As the competition time has increased and people are continuously looking out for other solutions so it’s good to be present there and then with the right response.
  • The market goes ups and downs a lot and the competition is ahead because they have already enabled business continuity ahead of us.

How Are DevOps Metrics Important?

Measurable benefits are provided by DevOps which are linked to downtime, uptime, satisfaction score, quality of the product, the number of customers, the time needed to repair and resolve, and other metrics.

The deployment frequency is to understand how often we deploy a resource to the site or other CD pipeline.

It is also important to know how much time is needed for the resource to reach the deployment site and in the case of automated deployment, it is important and helpful to reduce the time.

Lead time will measure the efficiency of the development process of the code complexity.

Customer tickets are an important indicator of customer feedback. The customer will point out the shortcomings of the software making it an indicator of performance problems.

Availability will analyze the overall performance and will determine the operational statistics and correlate with the team’s ability to perform.

Money Conversion By DevOps Services Company

A DevOps services company can shoot its shot by the following pointers

  • Monetize the recent downtime and show how we will lose customers. Explaining how DevOps reduces abrasion in the development and operations team.
  • Present everyone on how your team is giving time to non-relevant issues of finding and fixing. DevOps team finding relevant issues and giving insights on fixing them.
  • Highlighting how DevOps pushes on automation and saves a good time by automating given manual tasks.
  • Explaining the rise in yearly costs along with maintenance and unyielding system architecture.
  • Success stories and case studies give an insight into how DevOps has helped in development.

DevOps automation services are a good option for your business and if you want to know more about our DevOps services then give us a call or message at +91-9773973971 or send us an email. We have a dedicated DevOps team that will help you manage your business and maintain too.

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