Technology is something that changes continuously and keeps on evolving. Nothing remains the same, not even the traditional security tools. Endpoint security has now taken the front seat and put back anti-malware and anti-virus in the back. Endpoint security is advanced and one step ahead of the basic anti-malware and anti-virus solutions.

What Is Endpoint Security And Why It Is Important?

The aim that endpoint protection takes is to give protection to each aspect of the network. This is done by monitoring the behavior and endpoints. We can say that it is the kind of next-level protection that is different from traditional protection.

What do we understand by Endpoints? Servers, laptops, wireless devices, phones, desktops, and anything that is connected to the network are known as endpoints. The digital perimeter will determine the amount of the endpoints. The perimeter can be easily tracked when the endpoints are like servers, workstations, and hardware. It becomes harder to secure the perimeter when the endpoints are expanding like a mobile device with network access and since the pandemic hit, the users are taking their workstations to different locations expanding the perimeter further.

Every device has an entry point as it is connected with the network which gives a free pass to the hackers and intruders. It is important to detect the entry point and the activity and investigate the malicious activities happening across the perimeter, this is known as endpoint detection and response (EDR).

How Does Endpoint Security Differ From Traditional Security Solutions?

Endpoint security may contain antivirus as it is a system of solutions and tools and is a very broad approach in securing the complete network. Whereas, if we compare this with antivirus then the latter’s work is to secure a single device as it is a single tool, and the device should have the anti-virus installed on it. We can say that if anti-virus is a knife, then endpoint security is the whole weapon section so you can make your selection about which one you should take to the battle.

Endpoint security is a behavior-based solution which means that it can proactively detect a very broad range of threats. Behavior-based means that the behavior of the traffic and activity is measured which in turn looks for the symptoms and results of the attack

Whereas anti-virus is signature-based which means that if the threat’s ID is already recognized by the anti-virus then only it will detect the threat. The traditional security solution is reactive but not effective against the unknown IDs that are new, upcoming, emerging, or adaptive as it looks for characteristics more than specifics.

What Are The Highlights And Advantages Of Endpoint Protection?

The most important benefit of endpoint security is that it asks you about the history and the current situation that is happening across the endpoints which are very important information.

This is very important to know that if you have been attacked or breached in the past and if yes then you should have the incident response data and navigation. An antivirus will not be able to tell you this.

  • An all-inclusive collection of data
  • Incident response and investigation
  • Ability to cut off any attacks on initial stages
  • Can detect targeted attacks and advance unrelenting threats
  • Adaptable for remote workers
  • Monitoring of endpoints
  • Insight into Irregularities and liabilities      
  • All eyes on attacks on the whole network
  • It is centrally managed

Are You Planning To Upgrade To Endpoint Protection?

As you have seen that the bandwidth of the traditional security solutions is limited, and the bandwidth of cybersecurity threats is evolving at a higher rate in a way that only the antivirus is not enough anymore.

Cybersecurity is more complex now and is ever evolving for which endpoint security is the right solution. As cyber threats are growing so an advanced security solution is much needed to keep away the malicious activities.

Keeping in mind the increase in attacks and data leaks, endpoint security is the right solution as it is the next step in complete protection. If you are planning to upgrade your organization’s endpoint security solution the Zindagi Technologies will help you as we have the right endpoint security solution for you. You can connect with us at +919773973971. If you think that your organization is past the point where anti-virus is not only the solution but something extra is needed, then let’s have a discussion on how we can save your organization from different cyber threats.

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