Whatever building or an institute or an office or an eatery you enter, you will find Wi-Fi installed and ready to use. This brings us to the conclusion that Wi-Fi has now become a necessity and you will find it almost everywhere. Wi-Fi gives us the option of being connected with the internet and allows us to be connected with the world at all times. Since the start of the pandemic and people are going back to their cocoons to work, it’s the easy access to Wi-Fi that is making this possible.

The Wi-Fi has to be strong enough to give full coverage and should be reliable for all the devices and in this, Zindagi Technologies can help you and your organization in completing the wireless needs.

What Should Be Your Wireless Requirements?

Your requirements would depend on the size and the area of the organization. It’s not a piece of cake to set a dependable network in the required area.

An office with an employee strength of 25-40 can have a secured wireless router and have a good network. For bigger organizations say a complex or building, then a larger setup is required so as to cover the whole area. This is why we would need a well-planned Wi-Fi network.

How Will You Commence Your Project?

As we already told that it’s not easy to implement without a plan. It’s not that you can order the routers from Amazon and unbox them and arrange them accordingly. It is much more than that.

You will have to plan a site wireless survey; an assessment that will help you in analyzing your project thoroughly. By survey, we mean that you will have to identify the problem areas like the area inside the building and outside too. Surveys are important because sometimes it might happen that the physical feature might interfere with the connectivity.

The Types Of Network Wireless Surveys Are

On-site Survey

The team member will visit the actual site and will generate a heat map of the surroundings. The use of surveying tools is required as it helps in showing any obstructions that might cause the loss in signal. The on-site survey needs more time and it can take up to 4 days to produce the billable work.

Predictive Survey

This is the best effort remote option in which the plan creation would start on the information provided by the client. The information will include the map of the building, type of ceiling, height of the rooms, how many users would be there, and what are the wall types. This is only just a start, but the information would include the minute details of the building or the place where the Wi-Fi is to be planted. This information will help us in planning the estimate of the budget and the type of hardware that would be needed for installation.

Post-survey On-site

After the installation of hardware, a proper post survey of the site is done to check if the installation is done properly, and everything is in working condition. This is not a day’s matter and might take up to 4 days.

The Next Step…

You require Wi-Fi that is working fantastically, securely, is responsive, and scalable too. Zindagi will help you in by giving

1. Preliminary site audits
2. Plan and design
3. Recommendation of the products
4. Install and deploy
5. Maintenance and documentation

To reach out to us, you can give us a call on +919773973971 or you can drop us a mail too. Our techs at Zindagi Technologies hold a vast experience of many years and we are sure that they will not disappoint you.

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