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No one ever thought that the situation would become such that people would be forced to work from home for an unexpected amount of time. This is a very crucial time taking into consideration the data that is with the employees in their homes which was initially within the office premise. Security breaches and data leaks are possible as the data is not within the limits of reach. With the speed at which India is digitizing the working situations and work from the home procedure, the organizations should also become serious about Online Security.

You must have heard about the breaches by the Chinese Government that happened when India was holding vaccine trials. The breaches happened because they found gaps and weaknesses in the IT infrastructure of one of the most renowned vaccine makers of India. This could have been avoided if the cybersecurity were strong enough of penetration.

What Is The Importance Of Cybersecurity?   

This is most demanded right now as people are forced to work from home and the companies have become vulnerable to breaches. The companies and organizations are way past pens and registers and rely on Data Centers and other technologies. Identity thefts of the employees like leaking of credit card details, bank account numbers, Aadhar numbers, PAN card numbers, and other personal information that can be used against you and your company too.

The use of cloud services will keep on increasing as a person will continue its reliance on computers. Seeing this, the increase is inevitable and so is the exposure to poor cloud security, IoT (Internet of things) smartphones, and poor cloud services. This can be stopped only after the organizations get serious about cybersecurity and cloud security further putting an end to various cybercrimes.

Why Are We Seeing An Increase In Cybercrime?

You must have heard about the change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp (Owned by Facebook) in early 2021 and soon after we heard the news of Domino’s Pizza chain (owned by Jubilant FoodWorks) 13 TB data leak. The hacker put up the leaked data containing the details like debit and credit card numbers, names, and phone numbers on the dark web for $550,000 for a single buyer. We are not saying that these two are connected but this leak surely comes after the major Facebook data leak.

Why does the hacker steal the data? Why something that cannot be physically touched is so important and valuable? This is because we have our online identity including our identification numbers, phone numbers, fingerprints, facial recognition, and almost everything which makes it easier for the other person to pretend to us. The data is sold for a lot of money and it can be used for criminal purposes. Other factors that are considered as seeds in cybercrime are:

  • The dispersed nature of the internet
  • Cybercriminals attacking outside the territory making policies difficult.
  • Dark web giving them the opportunity of easy eCommerce and profitability.
  • The multiplication of smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things)

If the situation is worst and the lack of focus is seen then the complete brand and image of the business can go down in drains.

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