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To make sure that the security integration is successful, security and operations should work together keeping in mind the different agendas of both teams. In this blog, we will give you 4 ways with the help which you will be able to get your developers on the same page as your DevSecOps team and we will also know about the devops services in an enterprise.

The speediness in agile development sometimes overthrows the security issues which results in an increase in application risks and vulnerabilities. Collaboration, continuous integration, throughout operations, security and development are some of the highlights given by DevSecOps.

4 Suggestions Why Application Development Needs Security Prioritization

Top To Down Transformation Of The Culture

According to ESG reports, almost 48% of the firms send out a code that is risky, and this raises the concern of the security professionals. The vulnerable code is sent to the developers in the form of a message saying the speed and the volume are more important than the quality of the code. This raises concern over our security flaws. One should be ready to prevent security issues rather than taking a corrective step whenever they occur. Getting managed devops services is the right way to address these issues.  

Developers Are Crucial And Not A Risk

Developers are not the weakest link rather; they have a deep knowledge of all the software, and they are good at their work. Developers should be asked about their input for the processes and strategies as it is not common for the needs of the developer to be overlooked. Developers don’t use technologies that do not meet their demands. Developers are not equipped with the right tools when they discover a flaw leaving them with no option but to leave it as it is.


Putting Words Into Action To Maintain Developer’s Interest

Investing in the security training of your developers will be fruitful for them as they will be able to solve all the pesky problems. This comes in a scenario when you have an in-house team of developers but in most cases, small businesses do not opt for an in-house team, but they prefer devops solution providers that will help in bringing more on the table. The developers are capable of learning more and more and have complete access in terms of skills, languages, and frameworks. They need the ability to work on their own languages and frameworks to educate themselves about the different software vulnerabilities.

Your Greatest Weakness Is Your Greatest Asset

Let’s take an example of a restaurant, the foremost thing is quality and it is discussed as a prime factor even before the dishes are decided. Once the dishes are decided and prepared, the dishes are assembled for tasting. As a restaurant owner, your major security issue is the preparation of the dish, and the process should not be leaked as this is a smart business move.

Introducing secure code training and an automated process of continuous testing will give your developers a chance to identify the flaws in the security. They will then take initiative in taking up the responsibilities of the vulnerabilities and mitigating them. This will be helpful in lowering the manual checks.

DevOps is a way to progress and helps an enterprise to grow substantially. It emphasizes development or operations and security collaboration which helps in business transformation. We can get you the best devops team with our finest resources for your organization. Let’s get in touch with us on +91 97739 73971.

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