How To Deploy VMware Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM)?

VMware Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM) is a user environment management tool that allows administrators to control and personalize the user experience in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. It provides a centralized management console that allows administrators to configure and manage user settings, policies, and application entitlements across multiple virtual and […]


Demystifying DCNM: Avoiding Common Mistakes with LDAP Configuration.

Basic Overview of LDAP LDAP, or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is an authentication protocol that is commonly used for accessing and managing information in a directory service. A directory service is a centralized database that stores information about users, groups, and other network resources. LDAP provides a standardized way for applications to access this information […]

Audits and Assessments

A Step By Step Checklist And Best Practices For Cybersecurity Audit.

There are still organizations that have not been under the cybersecurity radar and are most vulnerable to risks. Digital innovation has increased the network complexity creating new loopholes in the network making it easier for cybercriminals to seep in. Having a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution will help organizations to guard their important files and documents. The […]

Cyber Security

The Rise Of New Cybersecurity Risks – Are You Prepared To Face Them?

Technology rises and grows at a good pace and digital technology has been highly beneficial for business. Global digital technology helps in faster data processing, reaching the customers becomes easy and everything becomes more efficient. Digital technology is not just growing for organizations but for hackers too. They have the same advanced tech, but they […]