What Is VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)?

VMware SRM is a disaster recovery solution to protect the virtual machine-based workloads running on top of the virtualized host (vSphere-ESXi).  The disaster recovery solution is the essential requirement for every organization to meet their mission-critical application’s SLA in case of complete Data Center failure due to many reasons such as natural disaster/power outage etc.,

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In the VMware SRM solution, there are two options to protect the workloads.

Option 1- Hypervisor based replication

The hypervisor is responsible for replicating the Virtual Machines in DC to DR or vice versa. By using this method, as low as the RPO of 5 minutes can be achieved.

Option -2 Array-based replication

The Storage Array is responsible for replicating the Virtual Machines in DC to DR or vice versa. By using this method, the Zero RPO can be achieved.

Why SRM?

  • The easiest method to protest the vSphere-based workloads
  • Automated failover and failback
  • Can perform Planned Migrations from DC to DR or vice versa
  • Easy to manage the workloads from a single pane of glass
  • Non-disruptive testing
  • Transformation of complex migration plans/SOP’s to a simple recovery plan
  • Applications owners can define automated scripts in the recovery plan if any modification is required during the failover.

What are the Benefits of SRM?

The following are the key benefits of using SRM

  • Simplifies the disaster recovery process
  • The automated failover and failback process reduces the manual intervention
  • Easy to use, manage, configure, monitor the protected workloads from a single pane of glass
  • In single click group of VM’s can be failover to DR or vice versa using protection groups
  • Protects any VM regardless of the OS/Application
  • Supports any storage
  • Replicates only changed data
  • Option to enable network compression
  • Option to customize the VM IP in DR if required

Infrastructure & Software Requirement In DC & DR For VMware SRM

VMware SRM Licensing Editions

There are two editions which are standard and Enterprise. The below-mentioned table shows the difference between the same

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