As we know In Air-Gapped Network has no internet connectivity, and all the communication takes place between sites and devices using private IP addresses. If we want to update or install any package on a Linux machine it is not a big hurdle for us, if the machine is connected to the Internet. But suppose, one day your boss gives you a task to update and install an Apache server on a Linux machine that is placed in the air-gaped network. You cannot connect to the Internet to that PC, and you do not know how to install and update Linux without the Internet. It is a big nightmare for you. There are several solutions to overcome this nightmare. In this blog, we will use apt-offline to overcome this problem.


These are some requirements to achieve this task: –

  • An Internet-connected Linux machine (we call it an online system)
  • A without internet-connected Linux machine (we call it offline-system)
  • A USB drive or external hard disk to carry all update or installation files.

Before discussing the solution, I want to tell you the use of the apt-offline tool. As the name says, apt-offline is an Offline APT Package Manager for APT-based systems. We will use this tool to update our Ubuntu Linux Machine. Apt-offline must be available on both systems. If you want to learn about apt working


Apt-offline is default available on Debian based systems but if you are using other Linux distributions you can install Apt-offline using this command: –

#sudo apt-get install apt-offline

but suppose your offline system doesn’t have an apt-offline feature so what will you do?

Don’t worry, we are here to tell you the complete solution. Below are the Steps to install apt-offline on an offline system.

Step 1

We create a directory that is apt-offline you can enter anything it is just a name.

#mkdir apt-offline

Step 2

Go into that directory and execute below mention command to collect all dependencies packages  URL of apt-offline in a file apt.txt.

#cd apt-offline

# apt-get – – print-uris  – – yes install  apt-offline | grep ^’ | cut -d’ -f2  > apt.txt

Step 3

Copy the apt-offline folder into a USB drive and connect that USB drive to the online System and download all packages using this command

#sudo wget  – – input-file apt.txt

When the downloading Is completed copy the downloaded files into USB and plug them into the offline system.

Step 4

Copy all the files into an apt-offline folder in the offline system and install the apt-offline tool using this command.

#dpkg -i *.deb (this command is used to install all .deb files in that folder)

And now your apt-offline tool is installed on your offline system, and you can update your Linux machine using apt-offline.

Today we discussed the installation of an apt-offline tool in an offline system. For now, we stop here but will continue the discussion in our next blog.

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Shivang Trivedi
Associate Consultant

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