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Till now, most of us knew about Managed IT services but being the top managed IT service provider in Delhi, we also provide professional services. Outsourcing IT services is the best option as you offload the work from your shoulders and let the expert handle it on the given budget. Large-scale businesses have a good budget, and they usually opt for professional services.

Managed IT Services

Small and mid-sized businesses, on the other hand, may or may not have a budget to hire a dedicated in-house team so in turn, these organizations hire the best managed IT services company in Delhi so that they can save time and money.

If we ponder over both aspects being Managed IT services and Professional services then which one is better and what kind of organization should use which services?

Let’s have a better look at both the services and what do they both have to offer.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT

Being a company that gives the best security solutions, we want to say that since the pandemic started there has been a considerable increase in the number of cybersecurity attacks.

As per the recent reports, if we just talk about bank frauds, Punjab national bank was the most defrauded bank when calculated for the years 20-21. It was involved in a total of 10 frauds and the total amount is 4820 Cr.

As the remote work increased the security issues also increased. To have a day-to-day running, supporting, and maintaining all types of IT needs is called a managed IT service provider or MSP. Working directly with the company by making a pre-designed all-service package that is presented to the organization at the time of closing the bid. A good thing about MSP is that like others, we work on a monthly subscription basis. We will provide you with all the components of Managed IT Services.

Remote IT Support

Managed IT services are to be maintained in a loop to ensure that the right maintenance is given. This may or may not be done by the in-house team as there might be other commitments. This is where the need for MSP arises as their team will dedicatedly work on all the issues including implementation and security.

24×7 Monitoring Network 

MSPs work round the clock, just like Zindagi Technologies, the best managed IT services and support in Delhi. You will always find at least one person who will be available to handle the problem. No business can afford to lose any work even when a minor downtime occurs as it hampers the processes and operations. As the issues are regularly monitored, effective and timely responses will be avoided in the future.

Maintenance Of Cybersecurity

When the monitoring of your organization is happening round the clock then all the security aspects are covered and the solutions are deployed as well. A dedicated walkthrough and un-diverted attention will give the business boosted efficiency as the business downtime and data loss would not be impacted.

Regular Data Backup

By the year 2031, an estimate of $265 billion would be the price paid by the victims of ransomware as the numbers increase by 30% every year for the next 10 years (as per the sources). The data backup component of Managed IT service provider in Delhi is to ensure that the regular backups are taken as the company may or may not be able to do it regularly.

Onboarding Resources

If the requirements of the organization are allowed to expand and there is a need for resources that are to be dedicated to any special component then the process will be completed by the Managed IT Service Provider. By using role-based access control, the MSP can assign the role based on the job position and if the person leaves the organization then the access would be revoked, automatically.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Whereas managed IT services provides a pre-designed package of all the components, professional services provides on-demand solutions and solution for demand-based challenges that come under a specific category like hardware upgrades.

If a business wants to scale up their operations then instead of Managed IT Services, they opt for Professional services as a dedicated project consultant is needed who will understand the requirements of the industry.

Here are the professional services that we offer you:

IT Consulting

Whenever you start something new, like a new business then before that you need consulting; basically, an overview to decide what is going to be the best for you. Similarly, our consulting team will find the best solution for you so that no technical challenges are faced. When a project fails or money is lost due to some other issue then this will result from an uninformed decision. This would have been avoided if professional services were taken. Hiring a dedicated consultant who understands business standards.

Advance Level Troubleshooting

Lower level troubleshooting issues can be handled by the in-house IT expert but what if the problem is major hand the in-house person gave up? Professionals will be able to handle this smoothly as they will have the solution out of their experience.


Implementing new hardware might be challenging for the in-house IT Expert. It is easy for the professional services team to make the transition smooth and seamless for the employees. A lot of new equipment and systems will be involved that will be easy for the professional services to handle.

Cloud Migration

Every company wants its data to be safe and away from the eyes of hackers. Those who think that migration to the cloud is a small task should ask our professional service provider about the steps that they go through. Most small businesses think that since it is a one-time thing and can be done but the in-house person inside the company storage devices.

Storing the data in the cloud is a much more beneficial option than storing it on devices inside the organization. Cloud backups offer scalability and many security improvements.

Managed IT Services Or Professional Services?

No matter which one do you opt for, Zindagi Technologies will give you the option for both. At Zindagi Technologies, we believe in providing superior support and active maintenance along with the best security options. We being the top managed IT services and support in Delhi, are affordable and dedicated to our services. We are available for you at +91-9773973971 or you can drop us a mail with your query.

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