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Whenever someone mentions “Hacker” then people automatically assume that it looks like a man with a hood on his head and sitting in a dark room with all the windows closed and “hacking” something. Well, thank movies for such portrayal but a hacker could be sitting right next door and trying to hack your business but this is not how cyber security works.

In 2015, 40% of small businesses faced cyber security attacks and not the big companies as you must have assumed. Another thing to be noted is that most of the businesses were never recovered from the attacks. Why? Maybe the money asked was too high for a small business to pay. In this blog, we are going to explain what mistakes small businesses commit when they fall prey to cyberattacks.

What Do You Understand By Cyberattacks?

Another portrayal by movies that we need not thank is that everyone feels these attacks happen in green glowing digits and super-fast coding. It does not happen that way; it only takes a click on the wrong link, and it could be anything. Once the link is clicked, the malware gets downloaded and your system is hacked. Once this is done, the hacker has the access to your personal information and every single detail about you. Then they will ask for a ransom to let go of your information but most of the time, businesses simply don’t have that many funds to get back their data.

3 Reasons For Losing To The Hackers Are

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Being Hacked Is Expensive

There are mostly 2 scenarios in this situation. The first one is that the hacker encrypts the data and puts a key password on it which will only unlock if the ransom is paid. Another scenario is that the hacker uses your personal information to commit bank fraud or financial fraud. In both cases, you lose money but in the second scenario, the customer loses trust in the business also.

The Cyber security Recovery Gets More Expensive

Everything is involved in the hacking and recovering everything gets way more expensive than it looks. When hacking happens then most organizations get it rebuilt from scratch and it helps them get more secure, but this also raises the expenses. So, the easy way out is to allocate the security to the cyber defense companies so that they can keep an eye from end to end.

No Recovery At All

Sometimes it takes a lot of time for the business to recover and during that time, the business is put on hold and the customers eventually lose trust and the business is closed. Weak cybersecurity and lack of knowledge about the hacks and targets are the reason why small businesses are targeted. If the data is lost then it’s gone forever, even if it is recovered then also the information will be misused by the hacker.

5 Preventive Measures To Keep Hackers At Bay

No business is safe from the attacks it’s just that the company is not fallen under the radar of the hacker. The attacks cannot be stopped but they can be prevented if the organization is alert enough by cyber protection services.

Educating The Employees

Most of the time, the attacks happen from inside the organization and all it takes is one lucrative link that any employee is tempted to click. Educating employees on cyber threats like not clicking on suspected links, downloading or running suspicious files, or visiting unsafe websites can help in lowering the risk of cyberattacks. If they are educated enough then they will simply close the link, and nothing will happen.

Disaster Recovery Or Disaster Backup Plan

Every organization should have a disaster recovery plan or a backup plan. If the data is under threat, then the systems should be able to lock themselves in a way that no further damage is done. A comprehensive plan is given by the best cyber security companies so that the customer is covered by outreach and services.

Data Backups

The biggest nightmare for an organization is that the hacker wiping the data clean. Having a backup system will not only ensure the fix but will also ensure that you will have the backup ready. The maintenance required by backup is very low and it is often automated. Your cyber security solution providers will ensure that the system is running and is maintained properly, and your business will be protected from cyber threats.

The Software System Should Be Updated

Backups are one thing but having updated software is another important part. Old software is prone to vulnerabilities and has many security drawbacks. While it is understandable that human error leads to a lot of space for error but having outdated software is another issue. Security software is important and should be updated frequently.

Private Sector To The Rescue

There are so many best cyber security companies that provide cybersecurity services. If you have a business and you are afraid to lose your data, then getting in touch with us will help you in saving and securing your data. Giving managed cybersecurity services is something that we are experts in, and you can also save the data of your company.

Managed cybersecurity services are something that every company should have, and this is only going to save the organization.  Zindagi Technologies are the best cyber security solution providers for all types and sizes of businesses. For managed cybersecurity services give us a call at +91-9773973971 or drop us an email and we will provide you with the best plan.

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