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cyber resilience

Cyber Resilience – Deliberate Outcomes Delivered Despite Cyberattacks

The business has been exposed to technology as per the demands which make the organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. Data-based insights are being driven by the digital transformation of modern organizations. This improves productivity, user experience, efficiency and much more. Rather than being a cyberattack company, it’s better to be a cyber resilience company. As technology […]


Indian Army Hackathon – Sainya Ranakshetram 2.0

Sainya Ranakshetram Hackathon is conducted by the Indian Army and the portal is created by Zindagi Technologies. You can visit the website Zindagi Technologies has created Sainya Ranakshetram user-friendly platform keeping in mind the design, colors and user experience. The platform is easy to navigate giving all the required information. We are proud to […]