Deep Security is Hybrid cloud security that rapidly defends your cloud network in length and breadth. The main responsibility of deep security is to improve SOC productivity and high security to your cloud. Cloud is the best option to store your data but security matters too and cloud security should be impenetrable.

Deep Security gives you the ability to address multiple requirements in a single offering. It locks down servers with application control built for the cloud and gives you the power to prevent unauthorized software changes and stop unknown and unwanted applications from executing. Trend micro deep security gives you the best security you ever need. Here are the components of Deep Security.

There are Five Types of Deep Security Components

Deep Security Manager – The centralized web-based management console that administrators use to configure security policy and deploy protection to the enforcement components: the deep security virtual appliance and the deep security agent.

Deep Security Virtual Appliance – It is a virtual machine built for a Vmware environment that provides anti-malware, monitoring, firewall, web reputation, intrusion prevention, and deep scanner.

Deep Security Agent – IT is directly installed in your computer which helps to download firewall, web reputation, monitoring, deep scanner, and intrusion prevention in it.

Relay Module – A relay enables an agent to distribute software and security updates throughout your network of deep security components.

Deep Security Notifier – IT is a Windows System Tray application that communicates with your windows about security status and events. It also provides security updates for your local machine.

As we can see, Trend micro deep security has tightly integrated modules that expand your security :

Here are the 7 types of Modules

Application Control:  It monitors changes in drift or delta compared to the original software.

Integrity Monitoring:  It provides the ability to track both authorized and unauthorized changes made in an instance and also notifies you about malicious changes.

Web Reputation: It filters by blocking access to malicious domains and known communication.

Intrusion Prevention: It inspects incoming and outgoing traffic to detect and block suspicious activity and also prevents the exploitation of known and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Anti-Malware: It protects your windows and Linux workloads against malicious software such as trojans, spyware, and malware. It also identifies and removes malware and block domain known to be command and control servers.

Firewall: It controls incoming and outgoing traffic and also maintains firewall event logs for audits.

Log Inspection:  It captures and analyses system logs to provide audit evidence for pci dss or internal requirements that your company may have.

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Shivam Rana
Associate Consultant

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