Why do we need Data Center Modernization? In Today’s competitive business every organization is coming with more innovations and they are trying to reduce the timeline for Go to Market. Unfortunately, only a few organizations are winning the battle because of their back-end infrastructure which was not optimized for Availability, Scalability, Reliability Performance & Automation but is now.

By modernizing the Data Center with the solutions such as Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Private Cloud, Software Defined Network, Software Defined Firewall, Software-Defined WAN, Unified Storage, Unified Backup Solution, Enterprise Management System, Anti APT, Email, Web & Server Security, Intelligent Cabling & Smart Rack.

This helps the organizations to meet the SLA’s, reduce Data Center footprint & OPEX, reduces the development life cycle, increases performance & availability of the business applications, and finally reduce the timeline for Go to Market.

3 Pointers for Contemplation of Data Center Modernization

Here are the three aspects that you can contemplate for Data Center Modernization.

Analyze the Existing Infra – First, we must generate detailed reports which include Performance, Utilization, Availability, Warranty, etc., for the complete infrastructure i.e. (Compute, Storage, Security & Network). Then Analyze the complete report and priorities the future requirement into 3 categories according to your SLA, Criticality of your Application & Data: Must have, Good to have, and Optional. 

Explore, Compare & Experience – It is time to explore after prioritizing the requirement. For example, your server & storage is due for a refresh. If you are looking for a brand-new server & storage. We have a better solution for you. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure which provides Compute & Storage in a Single Appliance.  

The following are the key reasons to choose Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

  • Better Application performance by combining Compute & Storage in Single Appliance and eliminating the SAN Storage & SAN Switches which increase the latency.
  • Better redundancy with high performance using RAIN as compared to RAID.
  • Reduces the H/W footprint in the Data Center.
  • Single Pane of Glass Management
  • Deployment in few minutes
  • One-Click Upgrade.
  • Better Availability, Scalability & Reliability
  • Scale-Up & Scale-Out in few minutes without downtime.
  • Best platform for Private Cloud, VDI, DevOps, SAP HANA, Data Bases, 3 Tire workload & General-purpose workloads
  • Better ROI & Reduces the OPEX
Transformation of traditional IT to HCI

Seeing this, let me introduce the market leaders in HCI – Nutanix, Vmware vSAN, Vxrail, Cisco Hyper Flex, HPE Simplivity

By doing POC, customers can experience the real performance, manageability, operational efficiency, deployment, upgrade, and scalability of the platform. POC at the customer premise / OEM’s customer experience center is recommended before the finalization of the solution.

Plan, Design & Deploy – In any Organization, Data Center Plan, Design & Deployment is very crucial. If there is no proper plan & design then the complete investment, efforts, and business will have a huge impact.

  • The PLAN should contain a Site Survey Report, understanding existing infra, customer requirement, Project Timeline, Risk, Challenges, Dependencies, etc.,
  • The DESIGN should contain Site layout, Rack layout, Cable & Port Map, High-level & Low-level Design.
  • The DEPLOYMENT should contain Rack & Stacking, Cabling, Power on Self-Test, BOQ Validation, Firmware Upgrade, Built, Testing, Validation, Knowledge Transfer, and Sign off
Comparison between traditional and Modernized Data Center Solution

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Leela Krishnan R
Data Center Consulting Engineer