Companies are stepping up their game and migrating their data to the cloud as the cloud gives various benefits to access the data and consolidations to the user. Whereas some companies still want to follow the old school methods and want to keep their data on the premises; they might have their reasons. If we talk about the cloud, then we know that it does not offer “one size fits all” and has varied options for people according to their needs. Before you pick up your plan you have to lay out your data strategy, goals, and long-term needs so that you get the best results.

There are many questions that need to be evaluated before you jump on the bandwagon.


The IT infrastructure needs a change and there are two major reasons for the change. The first one is if the current platform you are using is going to expire soon and the second one is that you finally want to modernize.

If you are having a second reason, then cloud migration is a good option for you as it clearly shows that your business has expanded to go beyond the end of life (EOL) platform. Cloud data migration is going to improve your business responsiveness.


What is the need to choose the platform that you are going to deploy and what benefit will it bring to your business?

How will it be able to elaborate your business goals in a better way than the other options? Here, we are giving you three reasons why businesses and industries are looking for before migrating to the cloud.

If you are in an expanding mode and want to walk hand in hand with technology, then you should opt for cloud migration. The cloud options have shaped up beautifully and features and new software are updated regularly so the cloud improves according to your needs.

Pay As You Go
Cloud gives you the perfect flexibility and freedom to pay for only what you use. If you are into a “test before launch” kind of business and want to pay only what you are using, then the cloud is the best option for you. With very less financial risk, it will give you the option to move the data at once. There might be chances that are not deemed fit for your business but even failures give you an experience but most of the time only the benefits will be given to you when you at the time of utilization of the cloud.

Every business is ready to move swiftly and for them, the cloud is there. There is nothing difficult to start and the cloud also gives you the offer to spin up the cloud environment, so the solution is either deployed in either minutes or hours and the best part is that you don’t need an IT implementation team, or need for server deployment and no additional expenses also.


Before putting the foot forward on the data migration on the cloud, you should know the challenges faced in the migration. Plan the challenges in advance. Before you consider data migration then you should know about what face does your data holds. If you have a data warehouse, then lifting and shifting is a good option because it is comparatively easy.

Most businesses have a set of application databases and they are yet to combine it. They require data migration without disturbing the working of the applications. There are options like S3 of AWS, Cloud Storage of Google Cloud, and Blob storage of Azure but the main cloud gives different yet same storage options where you can use after getting in the same place.


If we talk about business strategy then we have to be aware of how we are planning to use it. Business never fits the technology but technology fits the business. Once this is clear then you can get the support of the sponsors and the stakeholders and can brainstorm on the buying in options. You should define the prerequisites and how the success will mold into by bring in IT and business objectives.

Don’t take a big leap but move ahead in small and cautious steps. Take your time because even overnight success takes years. After you get approvals, and the project is met with the success criteria then you can celebrate. This will give you new capabilities and will also highlight the business benefits and the later impact which will help you in building the momentum.

Know About Your Limitations

When a new product is launched or introduced then you know about its all details after you read its specifications till then, the product is unknown to you. Similarly, you know only the things that you have heard about the cloud.

The information that comes to you about the cloud is mostly by the personal accounts so whenever you migrate to the cloud, you should do it with a trusted partner. You should not take a risk or else you will be missing out on the opportunities, money, time, and resources.

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