Why VMware?

VMware is the leading software development organization that developed multiple software’s for various data center needs and continuously developing innovative software’s to help the customers to modernize the traditional data center. VMware has acquired multiple software organizations to expand the product offerings, seamless integration, and provide scalable and efficient architecture under a single roof.

VMware Products

In this blog, we are going to discuss the few VMware products which are required to build a software-defined data center

Server Virtualization

 vSphere Esxi – The enterprise-grade hypervisor for the server virtualization. ESxi is the most stable hypervisor with a rich set of features. Esxi is very user-friendly, and it is supported on any x86 server.

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vSphere vCenter – The Centralized management software for the virtualized servers. The System administrators can monitor, configure, and troubleshoot the virtualized servers from a single pane of glass.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

vSAN – The Hyper Converged Infrastructure solution from VMware to reduce the data center footprint, simplify the management, improved application performance, data redundancy at the node level. vSAN is the kernel based HCI solution that can be enabled and managed through vCenter itself. Also, easy to scale up and scale out without any downtime. Best suited for general-purpose workloads, VDI, and enterprise applications.

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Private Cloud – On-premise

VMware vRealize Suite – The private cloud solution which gives the public cloud-like experience on-premise. This solution helps the customer by automating the manual tasks/requirement from the end-users.

Network virtualization

VMware NSX  – The Software Defined Firewall, Network solution for workloads running on top of vSphere Esxi/ 3rd party hypervisor. VMware NSX is an enterprise-grade software defined solution that eliminates the need for high-end routers/switches. Know about the VMware NSX licensing VMware NSX Data Center Datasheet

Disaster Recovery Solution

VMware SRM – DC-DR Replication/Disaster recovery solution. VMware SRM Integrates with the vCenter at the DC & DR Site. VM Replication can be achieved by hypervisor/storage array-based replication.  

Software Defined WAN

NSX SD-WAN – The Software Defined WAN solution to connect multiple branches/locations through any type of connectivity broadband/3G or 4G dongle/ MPLS/VSAT with zero touch provisioning, bandwidth aggregation, optimization, dynamic multipathing, etc., 

Desktop Virtualization

VMware Horizon – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution which simplifies the provisioning, management, remote access, upgrades for the workload’s machines, applications. Also, better utilization of the underlying hardware, better user experience & security. Please click the link below to know about the VMware Horizon licensing FY21-6002-VMW-DS-HOR7-HORAPPS-COMPARISON-USLET-WEB-20200910[1].pdf (

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