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6 Forbidden Sins Of Cybersecurity

According to CISCO, Cybersecurity means protecting systems, networks, and all digital platforms from cyber attacks that are harmful to your organization. Most people have a philosophy that if they will see something then only they will believe it.

In cybersecurity, some things are different, if you see some attacks then it’s already too late to believe it. Since October is considered as Cybersecurity awareness month so we will give you 7 “Sins” of cybersecurity.

Phishing – The Internet Fraud “Sin”

You must have noticed a SPAM folder in your email and after opening it you see a long list of emails that are generally irrelevant to you. Suppose you click on one email and you find it intriguing and you click on the link given. They start asking your personal details like your name, phone number, address, and other things for a supposed lucky draw that is not going to happen. Or in another case, you click the link and then are prompted to install software that contains malware, with this, all your personal information is leaked. Once that is done, the person or the scammer can have access to your bank account or even your laptop or phone camera.

Social Engineering – The “Sin” Of Digital Manipulation

Another type of spam mail that you might get is related to love and relationships: the weakest link for humans. A flashy or provocative image that will push you to enter your credential to fix a date with a woman who lives a mile away! How convenient it is right? Once you enter all the details hoping to meet the woman of your dreams but what do you get instead? You willingly give away your personal details and open the door to that mysterious person who is grinning and rubbing hands.

Malware And Viruses – The “Sinful” Intrusive Software

Don’t you hate it when someone is extremely intrusive and no matter how hard you try not to welcome them to your party but they still land as an uninvited guest? Malware is just the same; constantly knowing on your digital door and waiting to barge at the moment you open the door. We can say that malware is a large mushroom under which all virus frogs take shelter. Coming to viruses, one of the biggest cybersecurity opponents, they come to know in the guise of cybersecurity itself. It’s like being a devil and attending Halloween as God. A virus, once in your system, will take away all the information and will leave without leaving any clue.

Keylogger – The Keystroke “Sin”

Hacking is marvelous as sometimes it is a good aspect by most of the time it is misused. Keyloggers, on the other hand, is a name given to hackers who keep a track of the order of the keys you pressed. It becomes so easy for them to write down your passwords; yes, plural. They will know all your login details on all platforms and will steal everything from you. Having an online identity is dangerous but giving away everything in one “Stroke” is the next level of disappointment, frustration, and all other synonyms that you can think of.

Ransomware – The Greedy “Sin”

People turn wide-eyed where money is involved. Ransomware is definite “eyeopener”. Imagine you walking on a street and suddenly someone snatches your phone but instead of running away, they demand money in order to return your phone. You don’t have a change in any possible way because if you say no then they might run away with your phone and if you say yes then you have to pay money. Now, this exact thing happens in the digital world. The data is encrypted and the stored data is locked until the owner agrees to pay some money. Paying for something which is already yours; what fun!

The Dark Web – The House Of “Sins”

This is the source of all the Sins. Dark web will not be infecting your system directly but once the hell portal opens, there is no coming back. The dark web is the hub of hackers, scammers, and other shadowy people. There is a different browser to visit the dark web so if you are tempted to visit the dark web, turn around and keep the temptation in your pocket.

So, now we know the 6 sins of cybersecurity. Now if the sins are committed then they can be revoked to an extent by holy water. Thou shall not face any sin when Zindagi Technologies is here. We are an IT consulting company that has proven experience in cybersecurity, cloud security, managed IT, and other services also. Call us or WhatsApp us at +91-9773973971.

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