Push notifications are very dramatic I must say, they shove each mail in your face no matter if it is important to mail or not. Even the ones which we don’t require flash on our mobile screens begging to be opened. This gives an opportunity to those sneaky emails who want to get into our private space so badly. Although emails are a great source of communication, for jobs, for sharing, and for other stuff also but if you lack email security then every pro can come to you as a con.

If you find oysters in one basket then how will you know which one has pearls and which ones do not? By opening them, DUH! How can you be sure that the ones that don’t have a pearl will not have another creature jumping on your face when you open it? Will you poke around inside the oyster to look for one? What if you don’t find a pearl instead get health issues?

The same thing happens when you open a malicious email. Until you open it, you will not know if it is useful or not. If there is any link present or you are being asked to enter your details like email, password, date of birth, or any word or phrase that is related to your security question, and you enter it then you are in big trouble.

It’s the unspoken rule that you should be careful while accessing your emails and should have security so that no one seeps in an “I Spy You” mode.

Here Are 10 Procedures That One Should Follow For Email Security.

Always Have A Strong Password

It has been repeated a lot of times that you should use a strong password but most of us just don’t pay heed to it and end up keeping either the name or the name mixed with the date of birth or similar something to this and it ends up getting hacked. Even a known combination of numbers is also hacked very quickly. It’s like picking a lock instead of breaking down your door as this will give them an opportunity to peek inside. Using upper case and lower case, a combination of numbers, phrases, and special characters.

Two-Factor Authentication Is Your Best Friend

You might have seen a two-factor authentication in your email settings? USE IT, PROTECT YOUR EMAIL. It’s not that difficult to understand that it is given for your benefit. It’s always better to have an extra layer of protection in any case of security. If the hacker is smart enough to hack the first layer of security i.e., your password; but he won’t be able to break into the second layer of authentication. The second layer is OTP or SMS or Voice call which will be directed to your phone and the hacker won’t be able to access your email.

Are You Monitoring Your Email Habits?

Monitoring your email activity is essential as you should know what is going on in your email. Come on, that’s the basic thing you should know about your email. Who are you sending to, where are you receiving from, how many newsletters you have subscribed to, how many subscriptions are under your name, all these things you should know about as this is the way you monitor your activities. It is very important to know how are you managing your email

Email Phishing Is A Big NO.

Phishing sounds similar to fishing and the process is similar too; baiting emails to take out your personal information from it. There are people who absolutely love fishing, or I must say phishing. They will show you a page that is similar to the one you want to “log in” but you will not be directed to anywhere from that. Instead, the hacker will have information about you, and they can misuse it in any way. They can also have your bank details, credit/debit card details, OTP generated on emails and whatnot.

Opening Attachments Without Scanning Is A Wrong Move. Never Perform A Wrong Move.

Your corporate email contains most of the information that is related to your project or work. You will receive a breakdown of the project, planning, designing, implementation details, testing emails, and handover details, and not to forget the payment emails that will also be present. While downloading all these docs, one should always scan for any malicious links attached to it or any virus. If you see any mail that is from an unknown source then don’t download it. It will tempt you to open the file but you have to hold that temptation buddy, don’t open it.

We hope you enjoyed the starters, and the main course (rest of the 5 procedures) will be served in the next blog, next Saturday. Meanwhile, if you feel a DeJa’Vu moment after reading any of these attacks (Han meri company me bhi aisa hua tha), it’s time for you to get in touch with the experts in Zindagi Technologies and save yourself from a facepalm moment. We’ll make it easy for you; Drop us a WhatsApp on +91 97739 73971 and we will make sure to get in touch with you. See you in the next blog.

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