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IT risks

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest IT Risks in the world as the pandemic made us see the real face of cybercriminals. It is important to know the risks involved that are being faced by the corporations. With a clear knowledge of all the challenges, the companies would perform better. Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution in Delhi will help you in risk mitigation.

When a person is running a business then they know that it’s not a bed of roses and what follows will be a lot of challenges and risks that would be involved. IT itself would be full of risks and vulnerabilities that would stand face to face with you, and you won’t be able to compromise with the risks. IT assessments mean to examine and evaluate all the IT assets of your company including the vulnerabilities.

What Are The 8 Different Types Of IT Risks?

IT Risks

The spine of any organization is IT infrastructure and for continuous growth, security and efficiency should be taken care of by a Network Testing in Delhi. An answer without a debate is that no infrastructure is completely safe from risks, but we can still prevent them. Here are some common IT Risks:


There could be anything from physical damage to internal software damage. There could be errors that are not able to back up the data, leading to complete loss in software and hardware data.


The fate of Germany would have been different in World War 1, the soldiers heard Ross-shire instead of Russia. It was a blunder, a major human error caused by speaking accent. Another example is the Mariner 1 spacecraft, 1962. The spacecraft was just out of Cape Canaveral and it deviated from its path of flight. NASA, fearing a crash of the spacecraft turned on the self-destruct mode and it was destructed after 290 seconds of launch. The error? It was a missing HYPHEN in one of the code lines which cost a whopping $18 million. Human error cannot be avoided which can lead to data loss.


Human error does not stop and in some cases, accidental deletion of critical information of the company can also pose a risk to the organization. Sometimes people might accidentally upload company information on a suspicious portal posing as genuine. Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution in Delhi is your answer to such problems. 


Taking over of systems with the help of malware and disrupting or using information against the company and making all the possibilities of breaking the access of emails and other communication aspects.


In 2021, an alarming 80% of IT professionals said that there is an increase in phishing emails. Be it a prize from a competition which you never took part in or a lottery win of the ticket you never brought, there are a lot of emails that people are getting in which they are asked to fill in their bank detail or company details or other sensitive details.


This is the most popular type of attack as shown in movies. A few lines of code and the poof! the system controls are in the hands of the hacker. Now, he/she has access to all the data, information, bank details, blood group, everything. They encrypt the data and then demand ransom from you putting your career and integrity at risk. Vulnerability Assessment in Delhi will help your organization a lot.


These are the types of disasters that humans don’t have any control over. Floods, earthquakes, or any other natural calamities may destroy the company’s database and infrastructure. This sometimes can be reconstructed by disaster recovery protocols.

What Issues Arise When The Risk Assessment Is Not Done On Time?

IT risk assessment like VAPT testing is mostly scheduled for regular checkups failing which creates a gap that becomes difficult to fill. The financial and operational consequences can lead to a complete disaster if the company fails to carry out the IT risk assessment. What does it lead to?


If you skip the IT risk assessment, then you are increasing the vulnerabilities. Putting the company’s data at risk and also the data of the customer. Hefty regulatory fines imposed on the IT risk assessment are skipped.


A customer needs a responsive and up-to-date IT infrastructure and if your infra is outdated then there is a strong possibility that the customer will be dissatisfied with the services. As an organization, you must make sure that you get the infra up to date by Network Testing in Delhi.


Data loss is one of the biggest concerns of the company and its customers. If by any vulnerability, your data or customer’s data is lost then a heavy penalty and a possible legal action might be taken against you until you recover it by any disaster recovery plan. And in case of the data is stolen once then it is not possible to recover until you pay a ransom, or your backup is not encrypted.


Just like a new update on your phone makes a few changes and fixes bugs here and there; in every update related to IT, the technology changes, and the new technology is replaced by the old one. If you are following a legacy system or you are missing regular updates, then you will be left behind on the new technology.


A vulnerable IT infrastructure is a sight to behold for cybercriminals and if the studies are to be mentioned then a single data breach costs around $4.24 million, and the reputation at stake is another thing. Financial damages are in huge sums and the reputation at stake is something that takes years to build again.

Zindagi Technologies is a Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution in Delhi that provides complete vulnerability and assessment testing with a full report. You can minimize the IT risks and get them mitigated with the resources given by Zindagi Technologies. You can also get your network tested and for that, you have to drop us a message at +91-9773973971 or you can drop an email too and we will get back to you with the right solution.  

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